Gasing is a term that refers to both the Malay spinning top and the game of top spinning. The gasing was said to have been a popular game among the Malays since the time of the Melaka Sultanate. In Pahang, during the reign of Sultan Ahmad Al-Muadzam Shah (1863-1914) till the reign of his heir Sultan Mahmud, the game of top spinning was very popular, notwithstanding the types of shapes created. The most popular top spinning in the state of Pahang is known as the cross top. The top is thrown or tossed onto an opponent’s spinning top with the intent to hit it and make it stop. The top that spins the longest is the winner. This form of top spinning is popular in the Kuantan districts (Kampung Cherating, Tanjung Lumpur, Penor ans Beserah), Pekan districts (Tanjung Medang, Pulau Jawa, Pulau Rumput and Kuala Pahang), Bentong districts (Kampung Labu and Kampung Cheringging), Rompin districts (Kampung Sarang Tiong, Endau), Kuala Lipis districts (Tanjung Lipis and Kampung Kuala Lahar), Raub districts (Ulu Dong) and Temerloh districts (Kampung Sekara, Kampung Bukit Kelulut).

Hencang Buah Keras (clamping on hard candlenuts) is a traditional game played by the Malay community in the state of Pahang Darul Makmur since hundreds of years ago. This was a popular game during the rule of Sultan Ahmad Al Muadzam Shah (1882-1914), Sultan Mahmud (1914-1917) and Sultan Abdullah Al Mustassim Billah (1917-1932). According to a story, Sultan Ahmad Al Muadzam Shah had once sent his men to find some of the best candlenuts. There was another tale told of Sultan Abdullah and his passion for the game that he personally went upstream Pahang River until Chenor to search for resistant and durable candlenuts, because the district of Chenor was known for its quality candlenuts. This traditional game was reveled in and enjoyed by almost everyone.

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