MMSA500The Sultan Abdullah Mosque was the third mosque that was constructed in the town of Pekan. It was built on top of the foundations of its predecessor as located in Kuala Sungai Parit. With designs heavily inspired from Moorish architecture, the mosque began its construction in 1929 and was completed a year later in 1930. It was officially inaugerated by His Royal Highness Tengku Abu Bakar Ibni Sultan Abdullah (The Crown Prince of Pahang at the time) on the 8th of January, 1932. The mosque once served as the central location for religious activities including the performance of Friday Prayers for the people of Pekan during that time. In the year 1977, the Pahang State Museum Board took over management of the mosque from the Pahang Islamic and Malay Tradition Council after finding that it was no longer utilized and was left to deteriorate. Alongside cleaning and preservation efforts in order to restore the mosque to its former glory, the Pahang State Museum Board is also planning on converting the mosque into an Islamic Intellectual and Art Museum thanks to its strategic location and its favourable potential as an exhibition gallery.

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