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Sultan Abu Bakar Museum

The museum building was constructed in the 1920s during British Malaya. Since then, the building has been used for the official residence for British government, army barracks and official palace of Sultan Abu Bakar. The building was then converted to a museum after 4 years of renovation. It was finally opened by Sultan Ahmad Shah on 21 October 1976.

To date the museum has five main buildings that are used as galleries and each has its own exhibition theme with various collections and artefacts from Pahang state.

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Malay World Weapons Gallery
House of almost 500 collections of unique and intricate Keris & Tombak which found in various place in Malaysia. Learn, see what are the differences and function of these weapons.
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Istana Kota Beram
Pahang Sultanate History, Royal family exhibition, ceramics and Pahang Archeologies Collection.

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Tun Teja Textile & Fashion Gallery
Opened in December 2018, Tun Teja was launched by Raja Permaisuri Agong. This gallery exhibits personal collection of Her Royal Highness and few prominent fashion designers in Malaysia.
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Tok Gajah Ethnography Gallery
This gallery presents the socio-cultural life of the people in Pahang. The way of life, clothing, traditional cuisine and the variety of life of the Pahang people is displayed here.

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Bunga Pekan Gallery

The Building

It started only as a simple wooden bungalow structure in 1888, the Kota Beram Palace building has its unique  history. Improved by a brick structure that became the official residence of the British Resident around 1929, this building was once the headquarters of the Japanese military administration during their occupation in the Second World War era (1942-1945). In 1948, this historical building was officially converted into a royal palace with the name of the City of Beram Castle. The palace once again undergoes a change in the use of its space functions when in 1976, it was made as the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum which remains to this day.

The Functions

Kota Beram Building is the main attraction of the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum. This historical building is the former palace of Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar, the fourth Sultan of Pahang from the Bendahara's descendants. In line with its status as a former palace, the Pahang State Museum is trying to restore the splendor of Kota Beram Palace by highlighting the theme of the Pahang Malay History and Sultanate to fill the exhibition in this room. Long black-and-white photos have been used as well as possible to restore nostalgia to the events of coloring the historical journey of Pahang.

History Timeline

30 November 1974

History of Establishment

In 1970, Tun Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia proposed to set up a state museum for the filling and display of cultural and historical items. In a Pahang State Government Council on November 30, 1974, a Working Committee chaired by the Chairman of the Local Government Committee was set up to study a work paper on the establishment of a museum. The Committee recommended the Kota Beram Palace to be the first state museum in the state of Pahang Darul Makmur. In the next few meetings, the committee recommended the museum named Sultan Abu Bakar Museum.

30 November 1974

26 August 1975

Appointment of Board Members

A ceremony to submit a report on the progress of the establishment of the Pahang State Museum Board by Pahang State Working Committee Chairman to Chairman of the Pahang State Museum Board was held at the Kota Beram Palace on 30 July 1975. On 26 August 1975, a ceremony handing over the certificate of appointment of members of the State Museum Board Pahang was inaugurated by Dato 'Muhammad Jusoh, Pahang Menteri Besar at that time and Mr. Mokhtar bin Haji Mohd Daud, AMN, was appointed as the first Chairman of the Pahang State Museum Board.

21 October 1975

Official Opening

The official opening of Sultan Abu Bakar Museum has been made by HRH the Sultan of Pahang Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta'in Billah, son of the late Sultan Abu Bakar Al-Mu'adzam Shah Ri'ayatuddin

21 October 1975

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