History of Pahang

Pahang has existed long before Melaka. This is evidenced from the discoveries of certain artifacts. It was also believed that the southern regions of Eastern Malaya once belonged to the kingdom of Pahang. The Javanese of Majapahit once called Eastern Malaya, Pahang. There were many names used as references to Pahang. Some Chinese scribes once called Pahang as Pang-Hang, Pong-fong while the Middle East and Europe called Pam, Pahng, Fanhan and others. There were some opinions that Pahang got its name from a very large tree called the Mahang tree. Some said that the word Pahang originated from a Siamese word that meant tin. This is because Pahang was once colonised by the kingdoms of Majapahit and Siam. Pahang was then placed under Melakan Rule when Maharaja Dewa Suria, the king of Siam was defeated. It comes as no surprise that the royal command of both states were quite similar. In early 1699, the rule of Pahang came under Bendahara rule till 1884 when Sultan Ahmad Al-Muadzam Shah was inaugurated as the first Sultan of Pahang and is succeded to this day.

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