Pahang has existed long before Melaka. This is evidenced from the discoveries of certain artifacts. It was also believed that the southern regions of Eastern Malaya once belonged to the kingdom of Pahang. The Javanese of Majapahit once called Eastern Malaya, Pahang. There were many names used as references to Pahang. Some Chinese scribes once called Pahang as Pang-Hang, Pong-fong while the Middle East and Europe called Pam, Pahng, Fanhan and others. There were some opinions that Pahang got its name from a very large tree called the Mahang tree. Some said that the word Pahang originated from a Siamese word that meant tin. This is because Pahang was once colonised by the kingdoms of Majapahit and Siam. Pahang was then placed under Melakan Rule when Maharaja Dewa Suria, the king of Siam was defeated. It comes as no surprise that the royal command of both states were quite similar. In early 1699, the rule of Pahang came under Bendahara rule till 1884 when Sultan Ahmad Al-Muadzam Shah was inaugurated as the first Sultan of Pahang and is succeded to this day.

sidepxs14According to legend, it is from a tale of two warring brothers, Wan Ahmad (later known as Sultan Ahmad Al-Muadzam Shah) was residing in Terengganu and strategizing on how to defeat his brother, Wan Mutahir, while drinking coffee. After his victory, the inspiration for an emblem came in the form of a coffee leaf which symbolized his family motto and two ivory tusks crossed at the bottom of the leaf. The elephant tusks symbolized power, because the elephant is considered as the most powerful and biggest land animal, as described in Malay history about its expediency as a royal carriage. The State motto, with the words Ya Latif means an aura of gentility as a symbol that Royal rule never uses violence.

CopMohorThe Royal Seal of the state of Pahang was introduced on 31st. December 1947 after the consent of Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Pahang, Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mu’adzam Shah. Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Abu Bakar had appointed Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Besar Pahang who was the head of the Constitution of the State to spearhead the project. Dato’ Setia Jaya was then appointed by Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Besar Pahang to design the seal. The design of the Royal Seal was an inspiration from the State Emblem of Pahang.

The State Anthem of Pahang was said to have originated from the song Perang Pahang, rearranged by Cik Shodder, in December of 1924. It was then presented to His Royal Highness the Sultan Pahang, Sultan Abdullah Al-Mu’tassim Billah on the 1st of May, 1925. The song was sent to Kuala Lumpur and presented for the first time by the State Band during the meeting of the Federal Council during the same year.

sidelongpxs14The original colour of the Pahang State flag was black, because there was a supposition that black was the colour of the people. In fact, black was the official colour of the Bendahara. When he became the Sultan, His Royal Highness Sultan Ahmad Al-Muadzam Shah added a strip of white colour on top of the black signifying that Pahang was now sovereignty. This also added meaning to the fact that Pahang was its own sovereign state with its own code of conduct, code of honour, ceremonial customs, and explicit Royal powers.

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