The railway service was one of the earliest transportation services in this country. In Pahang, the railway route is called the East Coast Route, also known as the Jungle route because it traversed through deep rural areas and thick impenetrable jungles. The railway project was started by the British in 1909 in a bid to develop Pahang and Kelantan’s agriculture and natural minerals. Several extenuating factors led to the disruption of completing the project on schedule like floods, outbreaks of diseases and also WWI. The project was officially completed and opened on the 9th of September 1931 by DYMM Sultan Kelantan and the Governor of the Straits Settlements TYT Sir Cecil Smith. From then on, more stations and railway stops were opened in Pahang, the main link to all destinations throughout the nation. There are 24 railway stations in the whole of Pahang.