After Negeri Sembilan, the first station in Pahang in the East Coast Route is the Kemayan Station. It leads to Triang, where Bera Lake is a popular tourist stopover. On route will be Mentakab Station which is a stopover for alternate fun places like Taman Negara, Felda Jengka and Kota Gua Gelanggi. From Mentakab, travellers will soon reach Temerloh and will be able to enjoy the hot curry dishes of ikan patin; the beaches of Kuantan like Cherating or just head on straight to either Terengganu or Kelantan.

Before reaching Kuala Lipis, there is a small station in Batu Sembilan, where the passengers change to another railway service called the ‘Lambaian Timur’. There will be an absolute change of scenery, following the Jelai River route. Here, anyone interested can visit the Taman Rimba Kenong, by boat. Station Mela is the next stopover en route to reach Kuala Tembeling. The next station at Kuala Lipis is about 14 km away, the main one between Pahang and Kelantan.

Kuala Lipis was built in 1926, with Colonial-styled structures made of bricks and wood. There are two mosques of antiquity built here. One is Madrasatul Firdaus, built in 1888 and Masjid Jamek. To the north of Kuala Lipis is Station Merapoh. Merapoh is one of the entrances into Taman Negara. It is in fact, quite close to Gunung Tahan. The train ride promises a visual treat of the Gunung Tahan scenery. The Merapoh Station is the last station in Pahang before the Gua Musang Station in Kelantan.